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Through fundraising and the kind contributions of our supporters this program is able to either purchase, finance, or refurbish instruments which can then be placed into schools throughout the province where there is a need.  In the past, we have been able to provide  instruments to assist with a school band program, guitars to help every student have access to one during their guitar lessons, and percussion instruments to give young children get a starting point for musical learning.

Donating Your Used Instrument

Access to Music Foundation would love to take every instrument that is offered to us, unfortunately at this time we do not have storage facilities or funding to refurbish old or low-quality instruments. If you have a quality instrument that you would like to donate please send us detailed information and a photo. If you wish to receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation please provide us with an independent Fair Market Value appraisal. Appraisals can be obtained from a recognized music merchant.

Eligibility Criteria for Schools

Before contacting Access to Music Foundation about our Instrument Program, please read the following criteria carefully to assess whether your school/organization is eligible for the program.

The Access to Music Foundation Instrument Program provides band, orchestral, and hand percussion instruments to public schools, band schools and community programs where there is a demonstrated commitment to music education for the benefit of the greater community.

We evaluate applicants based on a combination of their commitment to music education, financial need and instances where their students might face multiple barriers to academic achievement. Applicants are expected to be able to demonstrate these values in concrete and measurable ways.

What we fund:

  • Public school core music programs for grades 1-12 (classroom instruction, band, orchestra & instrument-specific ensembles)
  • Public school extra-curricular programs for grades 6-12 (jazz band, guitar club, e etc.)
  • New youth music programs in the development stage
  • Regional Youth orchestras, jazz bands, choirs and ensembles
  • Cultural and Heritage youth-based music programs
  • Community youth programs
  • Funds for repairs and rental bursaries for families in need
  • Parent Advisory Council (PAC) matching funds

What we do not fund:

  • Individual requests
  • Private tuition-based schools with annual tuition above $3,000
  • Faith based schools with annual tuition above $3,000 where music education programs are solely for worship
  • Early learning programs for children under the age of 5
  • Instruments used solely for competitions
  • Staff salaries or operating/administrative funds

Eligibility requirements

Elementary, Middle and Secondary Schools: must have at least one dedicated music staff and/or meet the threshold number of hours of instruction.Band Council Schools: must have an elder or supervisor for music instruction and/or meet threshold number of hours of instruction.

Community programs or ensembles must meet the threshold number of hours for rehearsal and playing times and include an element of instruction.

If you are still unsure of your school or organization’s eligibility, please contact Access to Music staff to discuss prior to submitting an application. Access to Music Foundation reserves the right to accept or decline applications for our Instrument Program based on the previously stated eligibility criteria.


Applications are posted each Spring and Winter. Please check this site for updates.

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