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FORTE 2011!


Oct 11


Music BC Charitable Foundation is proud to be a participant in this year’s BC Music Educator’s Association annual conference and meeting of the minds. Music teachers are possibly the greatest unsung heroes of the school system, fighting against the worst budget cuts of any department in public education and systemic undervaluing of the arts in general We cherish the opportunity to gather and learn from these amazing leaders and share what we do with them in the hopes to collaborate on future programming.

Music BC Charitable Foundation will have a booth in the Marketplace Saturday and Sunday, as well as hosting a SONG workshop on Saturday morning. We sincerely hope to continue to stimulate interest in our programs and spread the word about the work we do to help music education in BC.

If you will be attending, please come visit our booth and join us for a SONG session on Saturday.

BCMEA FORTE Conference – SONG Workshop: Activating Young Minds Through Songwriting
Saturday, October 22nd at 10:15 AM in Lounge A
River Rock Casino, Richmond

Have you ever wanted a tool to excite, engage, enthuse and empower your students?
Songwriter of a New Generation (S.O.N.G.) is an extra-curricular program that uses songwriting as a means of engagement, empowerment and self-discovery for the musically inclined and newcomer alike. Songwriting brings a plethora of developmental benefits to youth and young adults. When conducted in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere, the creative process of composition enhances literacy, activates the imagination, encourages free play, and gives students the tools and courage to express their inner feelings and ideas. This activity breaks down social barriers and encourages the cross-pollination of ideas, friendships and empathetic connection between class members.

At Forte 2011, Music BC Charitable Foundation is pleased to present a S.O.N.G. demonstrational session, open to any teachers, administrators or guests who are curious about the program. Please mark your planners that our session will take place Saturday October 22nd, 10:15-11:30 at in Lounge A. A complimentary coffee break will be served courtesy of the Music BC Charitable Foundation.

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