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Launch of the 2011 Burt Harris Memorial Scholarships Program


Aug 11


We are pleased to announce the launch of our 2011 Burt Harris Memorial Scholarship program!

Starting in 2006 with initial funding through The Beat 94.5 FM this scholarship was built to award music education scholarships to needy students for private and institutional music programs.

The scholarship was named after Burt Harris, a music lawyer and fierce advocate for music and musicians, who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. Burt’s passion for all things music will be carried on through this scholarship program.

Through fundraising and generous donations from the public, we help students and individuals gain one on one musical instruction from a professional instructor and assist them in working toward a brighter future with confidence and passion, be it a profession in music or otherwise. We believe that the gift of music for these students will benefit the community beyond the music sector, as they take their dedication for playing music, and apply that same dedication and passion to the rest of their lives.

In the past, this program has been fortunate enough to receive funding from Tegan & Sara, who were former clients of Burt. They assembled a limited edition CD of their initial demo versions of The Con, and sold them while on tour. Proceeds from the sale of this album were donated to the Music BC Charitable Foundation’s scholarship program.

This year we will award a $500 scholarship to help pay for private instruction in Canada for a musical instrument/vocal coach.

We will also award a $1000 scholarship award to help pay for tuition for a music program at a recognized post-secondary institution.

This program is not for career training for positions in the music industry, so no applications for funding for an entertainment business management program, etc will be eligible.

For further details on how to apply, please surf to:

The deadlines for this program are Oct.30th, 2011 for Private Tuition and Nov. 15th, 2011 for Post-Secondary studies.

If you are a school administrator, counselor or teacher and would like an information package, please email

Best of luck to all our talented applicants!

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