Access to Music Foundation

Cal Misener, Vice Chairperson/Treasurer

  • Cal Misener, Vice Chairperson/Treasurer

  • Cal Misener is a thought leader, inspired entrepreneur, lifestyle design expert and a passionate speaker and coach. He has been a successful entrepreneur for over 15 years and has built many successful businesses, most recently a real estate investment business which has gone from start up to amassing a portfolio worth over $2 million in under 2 years.

    Cal is a man of many passions including food, travel, experiencing the great outdoors, building meaningful connections with other people and music. One of his greatest passions is promoting the power of touching people’s lives through music. Cal is an award winning musician and has helped raise thousands of dollars for a variety of charitable organizations including March of Dimes, Salvation Army, ALS Society of Canada and Music BC. He holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management from George Washington University, is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers as well as the Global Speakers Federation.

    He lives a life of passion and possibility with his wife on an island on Canada’s West Coast. Cal is currently the Vice Chair of the Access To Music Foundation and has been a board member since 2011.

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